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Text output in PAW (font/precision and characters graphical view)
A graphical view of the SET parameters.
How to access fit parameters after a fit operation ?
How to rename the fit parameters ?
The PAW graphical window is corrupted when overlapped with another window.
How to create very large ntuples (RWN or CWN) ?
How to fit 2D histograms? Is there a way to fit a line to a scatter plot ?
A graphical view of the marker types available.
How to create a legend ?
Dynamic linking (shared libraries).
Axis labelling and divisions optimisation
How to print the output of HIST/FIT into a text file ?
How to define the colour map for the option COLZ of HISTO/PLOT ?
How to fit 2-D vectors in PAW ?
How to re-scale an histogram ?
How to execute a macro in batch mode ?
A vector field drawing COMIS routine for Ntuple (2D and 3D).
How to combine n Ntuples into only one ?
Can I run PAW on my MacIntosh ?
How to rebuild PAW with a larger memory ?
How to fit a function taking into account errors on both (X and Y) axis ?
PostScript metafile type.
How to use COMIS in a FORTRAN program ?
How to produce a graph from data stored in an ASCII file ?
A macro to draw the histograms statistics.
How to position the axis titles in the middle of each axis instead at the end ?
How to use a COMIS function rather than subroutine in a macro ?
How to compute the Sum, Integral and the Mean Value of a given histogram between two channels ?
How to redefine the scale and redraw axis on the current plot ?
In a program, how to access histograms produced by an other process ?
How to call CERN Library from C or C++ ?
Why SET and IGSET ?
How to fit a histogram with another one ?
How to retrieve histogram information in macro ?
How to duplicate an Ntuple with some selections ?
How to draw a 3D scatter plot with vectors ?
How to create a Column Wise NTuple (CWN) ?
List of the available line styles.
How to generate a PostScript file with the picture currently on the screen ?
How to interpret a COMIS file from a compiled f77 program ?
How to set plots ranges ?
How to access PAW vectors in a COMIS program ?
How to plot a ntuple variable as error bars ?
2D scatter plots ?
How to draw a function ?
How to convert a Row Wise Ntuple (RWN) into a Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) ?
How much memory should be reserved in the PAWC common block to store a Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) ?
In CONTOUR, how to choose associated colours to each level ?.
How to access the covariance matrix after a fit operation ?
How to call a C program in PAW ?
How to create, fill and plot a projection of a 2D histogram ?
How to put the result of a vector fit in a vector instead of plotting the result ?
Text output in PAW: alignment
How to remove the axis and the histogram box ?
How to pass a character string from a COMIS program to a macro and vice versa ?
How to get the output of NT/SCAN into a file ?
Is there a list of Paw++ resources?
How the parameter RMS is defined and calculated ?
Normalisation Transformations priorities and PostScript output.
How to move the STATistics box ?
How to draw contours graphically in MINUIT ?
Why does PAW crash when trying to open a big NTUPLE file ?
How to suppress the X or Y labels on the axis ?
How to plot a histogram in green with a black border ?
How to define several Y-Scales on the same plot ?
How to write a text independently from the histogram coordinates ?
Is there a way to output the contents of the MESSAGE command to a file instead of to the terminal ?
Why "EXTERNAL" doesn't work in COMIS routines ?
How to read two Column Wise Ntuples (CWN) simultaneously ?
How to recover in two different vectors the X and Y values of a 2D histogram ?
Offsetting superimposed histograms
How to change the histogram title drawn by H/PLOT ?
How to fit a projection of a 2D histogram ?
How to specify a good buffer size for RW-Ntuples ?
H/PLOT option '+' with multiple zones and related points ...
Axis labelling optimisation in logarithmic scales.
Is there an intrinsic limit on the number of permitted cuts ?
Minuit options setting.
How to fill a vector element by element in a macro ?
How to control the polygon filling ?
I cannot open HBOOK files which contains upper case letters ?
Type of the UWFUNC generated function (Since version 2.07)
MINUIT precision.
Weights in profile histograms.
How to use the command LINE in LOG scales ?
Can I enlarge the fonts in the color table ?
How many arguments can have a UWFUNC generated function ?
How to access ntuple variables by numbers since version 2.07 ?
How to get informations about Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) columns ?
HMERGE and histograms in memory
How to make aligned subscripts and superscripts in the command TEXT ?
Customizing Emacs for "kumac" files.
How to copy a column of a Ntuple into a VECTOR ?
UWFUNC COMMON blocks description.
How to plot a 2-dim histogram with projections, with the Y-projection rotated by 90 degrees ?
Numbers in macro variables
How to retrieve the bin which contains the maximum value of a 1D histogram ?
How to merge several Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) with some selection ?
Emacs style editing in PAW++
Is it possible to define a new command in PAW at run-time ?
RZOUT: Directory too big ....
How to make a cumulative graph of several cut NTUPLEs ?
How to redraw the axis of current zone when they have been erased by some extra drawing ?
How to access the current status of minimization after a fit operation ?
How to retrieve all the commands that went into producing a plot ?
How do I change the marker size used in the command "HI/PLOT id E" ?
How to use HFITV in a batch program ?
Default histogram binning in ntuple commands since version 2.07 ?
What is wrong with integer vectors ?
How to group two Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) ?
How to attach all the HBOOK files in the current directory ? (UNIX only)
How to list histograms with limits on the IDs ?
A macro to place a text in relative coordinates.
How to change the line type for ellipses drawing ?
What means: " ***** ERROR in IPM : Not enough space in memory" ?
Why DZERO is not callable in PAW ?
"Wrong number of arguments" in ntuple commands using COMIS functions (Since version 2.07)
How to transfer a HBOOK file from a machine to an other ?
"error in CFOPEN" (HBOOK version 4.24/03)
A macro to plot histograms with a given number of decades
What means "***** ERROR in HBNAME : Too many variables in format (>50)" ?
Why SET XMGL, SET YMGU etc... doesn't work with several zones ?
How to check, with $hexist, the existence of an histogram on an HBOOK RZ file ?
ERROR in HFNT bad float in column...
Why the commands FAREA, PLINE and PMARKER don't work in log scale ?
How to read in batch an existing Row Wise Ntuple (RWN) ?
How to change X window resources in Paw++ ?
Why do I need to specify the unit number on which I open a HBOOK file ?
How to extend a Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) ?
How to use HQUADF.DAT (output of the SMOOTH command) in PAW ?
How to keep PAW from converting macro variables into integers ?
In Paw++ what is causing the messages "unknown keysym osfDown..." ?
How to display an histogram with a zoom of the same histogram on top ?
How to change the EPS parameter in routine HFITH ?
How can I change the colours used by the FUN/DRAW command?
Why UNITS does not show all the files opened via HISTO/FILE ?
The character strings concatenation operator (//) in COMIS programs.
Complex vectors in SIGMA.
Running MINUIT in batch, sometimes stops with a "STATUS=CALL LIMIT"
Is there a way to teach the Kuip browser to use icons for particular files ?
How to get the sum of the positive elements of a Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) array variable ?
Why Only the last dimension of a multi-dimensional Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) array may be variable ?
"Cannot open file so_locations to update"
NT/SCAN and unsigned integers (Since version 2.07)
Why LRECL=0 doesn't work in HIST/FILE ?
Unaligned access using PAW on a DEC Alpha running UNIX.
How to manage two windows in a HIGZ program ?
How to retrieve the ntuple type (RWN or CWN) in a HBOOK program ?
How to stop the fast scrolling of H/LIST ?
H/DEL prints an error when the histogram doesn't exist. How to avoid it ?
How to read in batch an existing Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) ?
What is maximum number of variables in a Column Wise Ntuple (CWN) ?
How to draw the tick marks on the opposite side of the axis ?
How to draw a vector element into a comment ?
Is there a way to open HBOOK files directly from tape ?
What means: "RZIODO. Error at record ..." ?
How to access X resources for Paw++ under VAX/VMS ?
Conversion from NDC coordinates to centimeters
How to convert HBOOK3 files into HBOOK4 files ?
How to access the QUEST common block in a C program ?
I try to open an Ntuple on an NFS mounted Unix disk from VMS PAW, but I get an error from PAWROP...
List of the logical unit numbers reserved by PAW and associated packages.
"Index out of range" in ntuple commands (Since version 2.07)
Is it possible to change from "insert" to "overwrite" input mode when typing at PAW prompt?
Negative weights in HBOOK histograms.
The FUTIL parameter in MINUIT functions.
How to access HBOOK files via RFIO and CASTOR ?
How to retrieve the list of the currently attached HBOOK files ?
Resources for PAW++ on a monochrome display ?
How to include a HIGZ graphic window in a X11/Motif application ?
How to get the PROB value in a variable after a DIFF command ?
Why MINUIT finds only 10 points on a contour when 100 are requested ?
What is the longest line COMIS can read in a file ?
Which resources are decisive for my application ?
How to recover a corrupted Ntuple ?
How to use HFITH from a C program ?
Corrupted ASCII files after a transfer from Windows.
Hexadecimal constants in COMIS.
How to read histograms in a batch program ?
List of the SIGMA functions.
CHAIN names length
How to retrieve the Overflows and Underflows of a 2D histogram ?
The COMIS compiler (source format).
How to use colors, hatching and fill patterns in PAW ?
Minuit output description.
Workstation type ?
How to create a disk resident Row Wise Ntuple (RWN) ?
Histogram hatch style in a PostScript file?
A macro to move a histogram (2d) in a larger one
How do I change the size of the text which is printed in a 2D histogram...

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