CERN Program Library

The CERN Program Library is a large collection of general purpose libraries and modules maintained and offered in both source and object code form on the CERN central computers. The two most popular applications based on CERNLIB are PAW and GEANT 3.21. Most of these programs were developed at CERN and are therefore oriented towards the needs of a physics research laboratory that is general mathematics, data analysis, detectors simulation, data-handling etc... applicable to a wide range of problems. Some tools like cfortran.h are developed outside CERN. Some commercial softwares (e.g: NAG etc ...) have also been acquired. For any questions about CERNLIB contact
The development and support for CERNLIB has been discontinued. Libraries will be continued to be provided "as is" (see agreement)
Downloads The recommended way to install CERNLIB is from the preinstalled distribution kits but it is also possible to INSTALL it from the source files.
Documentation All the documentations and manuals related to the CERNLIB components available both in HTML and PostScript formats. The CERN books shop provides other computing related books.
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently asked questions are listed here as well as answers to them. You can try also the PAW FAQs, GEANT FAQs and the LINUX FAQs.
Release notes List of release notes which describe all changes done in each CERNLIB release. CERNLIB releases are announced in the CERN Computer News Letters
Access If you wish to be able to download CERNLIB software please see the conditions.
Last update: 31-March-2009