Libraries for HEP Computing - LHC++

Last update - 27th March 2000. See also CERNLIB - GEANT-4 - IT-DB - RD45.

HEP components (e.g. CLHEP) now available under GPL.

A JAS DIM to access HTL histos & HepODBMS Tags is  now available

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LHC++ Overview 
Introduction to LHC++ An Overview of LHC++
LHC++ Components The Components of LHC++ and their Dependencies
Supported Platforms List of Supported Platforms (Operating Systems, Compilers) for LHC++
Contact us, Problem Reporting, Mailing Lists, FAQs 
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions on LHC++
Known Problems Known Problems (with workarounds)
Y2K Information Concerning the "Millenium Bug" (Y2K)
Mailing Lists Access to LHC++ Mailing Lists and Mail Archives How to Report a Problem Regarding LHC++
Work in Progress 
1999 - 2000 List of LHC++ and Related Events in 1999 / 2000
Name contest List of proposals for a new name for LHC++
Meetings LHC++ Meetings, Agendae and Slides
Presentations LHC++ Presentations (to LHC Computing Board, at Conferences, Outside Institutes, etc.)
Workshops Agendae and Presentations from LHC++ (and other) Workshops
AIDA Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis
Lizard The Lizard project: an AIDA compliant Interactive Analysis Environment
LHC++ Releases 
Version Numbers LHC++ version numbers and their interpretation
Available releases LHC++ Release from May 2000
Access to LHC++ 
Access How to Access LHC++ Software at CERN
Distribution How to Access LHC++ Distribution Kits (for outside institutes or local installation)
Installation How to Install LHC++ Software (outside institutes or local installation)
Documentation, Tutorials, Reports 
Documentation User Guides and Reference Manuals for LHC++ Components
Tutorials Tutorials, Examples and Introductory Material
Reports LHC++ Reports and Papers
Other Information 
Related Projects Related Projects at CERN and Elsewhere, Vendor sites, other sites, ...
Contributions External Packages / Contributions (Offered "asis")
Requirements Requirements for new releases, packages, ...

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